Celesta - 2K18

" Men are only as good as their technical development allows them to be." - George Owell



No price is too low for a bear OR too high for a bull.” Stockmart is a virtual stock exchange competition organised by Entrepreneurship Club. One of the most electrifying events of eclub where many users can buy and share virtual shares and experience all nuances of a real stock market. Stockmart gives you a chance to showcase your calculated risk taking skills to enhance on a virtual level.

6 Thinking Hats

This E-Week we bring to you, yet another version of Six Thinking Hats, where you have to do the simplest thing possible i.e. to THINK! Given a detailed info about a few entrepreneurs. You have to choose one of them and express your views on why you chose that particular entrepreneur.


Ever thought what you would do if you got a chance to build your own IPL team. To use your knowledge of the ‘Big Game’ and your sixth sense to create the perfect team that goes on to lift the coveted Trophy. To use permutation and combination and make the best choice keeping in mind the huge investment that goes into putting together a winning team.


E-Club has come up with the golden opportunity to brush up your debating skills with the help of entrepreneurial knowledge. The event will test your speaking style, resiliency, innovation quotient, focus, etc. with other debating skills like clarity, fluency and diction in speech.


"Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do." The opportunity to show your skills and knowledge in the field of business is knocking your door. We have a variety of question to satisfy everyone from a hardcore business enthusiast to an enthusiastic newcomer. So brush up your grey cells, hone your business skills and get ready for yet another edition of business quiz.


Mr. Manish Jain
Work at IUCAA Science Center ,Pune
Research On designing toys and activities,teaching training
IIT Kanpur Electrical Eng.(1993)

Mr. Manish Jain graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (1993) with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He also finished a few courses at Stanford. He currently works at the IUCAA Science Center in Pune making short films on interesting research, designing toys and activities, conducting workshops and teacher trainings, and making popular science films.Prior to IUCAA, he worked in the area of chip design for 19 years at Synopsys in Bangalore and Mountain View, California. Manish spends a lot of time these days looking at the science behind the simple toys in the videos and is passionate about sharing the magic with people.