Oct 13-14, 2018

SMC Patna Edition

Entrepreneurship Club, IIT Patna in association with IITKanpur Alumni Association Bangalore Chapter and Incubation Centre Indian Institute of Technology Patna and hosted 13th edition of Startup Master Class in a grand manner with the tagline Dream!! Dare!! Do!! at IIT Patna. This fabulous event created a great platform for young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to nurture their knowledge and then an inspiration to step up their startup journey. It brought together the mentors, entrepreneurs, bureaucrats and investors to interact and strengthen the network within the entrepreneurial community of Bihar.

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24 March,2018


Mr. Saket Agarwal, CEO of Onnivation was invited as a distinguished guest to give a talk during E-Week 18. The talk was informative, inspiring and entertaining to the audience. Mr. Agarwal talked about pros and cons of running a Product Vs Services company. He emphasized that as a country we need to start building more Product companies Vs Services companies and scale to Global Markets with the help of Partnerships. He stressed on the role of fulfilling a Real Demand Supply Gap on making a new product a success. He advised students to develop deep problem-solving ability and have forward-looking approach to succeed.

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25 March,2018


Mr. Dhrupad Karwa, co-founder and CEO of HaikuJAM gave an awe-inspiring speech on 25th March, 2018 at IIT Patna. The main focus of the talk was the technological advancements in the present century and the boon and bane of social networking sites, whether they bring people together or split them apart. He discussed that in this age the apps which come into the market set their primary focus on advertisements rather than customer’s peace of mind and satisfaction. So he thought of creating an app which would allow strangers to connect and bond by creating original and unexpected poetry. Thus HaikuJAM which intends to work to relieve people of their stress and bring out the poet within them came into picture.

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